What Really Happens at a Code Retreat for Software Geeks

If you have ever attended a code retreat, it is an annual event held each year where developers around the nation gather online or in person to meditate and discuss their coding. It is considered as one of those national or even global events where you can focus on code and merge your meditation into your practice.

A code retreat is a day-long event that is focused on practicing and sharing the fundamentals of coding and software development. This even is used as the perfect opportunity to learn and discuss the latest practices such as networking with other developments and following behavior driven development.

Software participants build a network to plan their meeting at a convenient location where they can discuss and go through a series of software exercises that will educate and enforce the multitude of aspects on writing tests and solving software problems.

Each exercise allows particip

ants to delete their code and start anew. While the problems may be the same, they are not always solved. In the end, they can happen anytime and anyplace, depending on the network.

If you haven’t already heard of Conway’s Game of Life, this is what most of the exercises are based on. It is a zero-player game that follows the cycle of cellular automata. The game is played on an infinite 2D grid where each cell’s state is changed and determined by its neighbors to work together.

Rules of the Game:

  • A live cell with less than two live neighbors will result in loneliness
  • A live cell with more than three live neighbors dies from overcrowding
  • Lastly, a dead cell with three live neighbors will become a live cell through reproduction

Of course, as programmers, the Game of Life is a problem that has already been solved in nearly every language of programming.

If you are interested in joining a Code Retreat, don’t miss out on the opportunity to build new networks and possibly stronger connections. A Code Retreat wouldn’t be as successful as it is today without the strong leadership and vision of its developers.