Hello! My name is Harvey Irby. I am a software engineer by profession and a cyclist by heart. I specialize in web-based solutions for all types of software. Basically, I take existing software and create web based applications for them. This means that I need to be heavily involved in perfecting the user interface of my projects as I am often taking existing software and making it more user-friendly and often for a larger group of users.

Of course, I also have to solve a variety of complex software problems. I love to find ways to provide user-centric and secure solutions. With many hats to wear, I am always learning something new with each and every client. As a software engineer, I have experienced a variety of industries that range from aerospace to high tech.

I also love to bike. I’m a bit of cycling nerd. Just like I love finding ways to create the most effective and simple software solution I also love thinking about ways to make the mechanics of my bike as simple and streamlined as possible. I also love collecting cycling data and seeing what can be interpreted from it.

Here at Ragtag, I’ve combined my interests for cycling, data, problem-solving and education in software engineering to transform this blog into the best source of practice in the area. It is through these interests that I’ve found extraordinarily talented developers who also share the same interests around the world.

Ragtag is built to solve problems and add to the dialogue of issues in the software industry while also having fun. At the end of the day, this blog is about the contemplation and cataloging of my interests and passions and there is really nothing off limits.

Also, please be aware that English is not my first language so I apologize for any confusing wording!